Prenatal Yoga Class

Prenatal yoga is the perfect way for you to work with your body and spirit during the amazing period of transformation that is your pregnancy!

Strengthen key muscles, relax, work with your breath and voice and –most importantly– find space for a deeper connection with your baby!

Good for all stages of pregnancy (if approved by your physician).

You will need:
– Yoga mat
– Blanket(s) for padding and support
– Swiss ball
– Recommended: yoga blocks

It is VERY IMPORTANT to let me know if you have any health issues, and to tend to them with your physician. Yoga is not a substitute for medical care.

Always start your prenatal yoga practice without exerting yourself excessively. Listen to your body. If at any point you feel dizzy or exhausted, take a seat and let me know.

*** IMPORTANT *** When signing up for the first time, please answer the welcome form by going to this link.

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